Pegee of Williamsburg

About Pegee


Peggy Abbott Miller is a graduate of the School of Fashion Design at Virginia Commonwealth University and is the founder of Pegee® of Williamsburg LLC, Patterns From Historie.

The stylized logo, Pegee® has been used by Peggy since 1952, a registered trademark since 1977.

Peggy's first Pattern From Historie was the 1776 Ladies' Dress, copyrighted in 1972. It was the first known historic pattern to be researched, designed in Standard American sizes, placed under copyright, printed and marketed, that covered the full range of sizes from 10-22. All Patterns From Historie have all sizes printed in each envelope.

One of this Country's authorities on the construction and design of period clothing, Peggy's Patterns and designs have been widely sought by museums, educational institutions, television and film agencies, living history and reenactment groups, debutantes, and brides. Because of her favorable mention in national journals, publications, and newspapers such as the New York Times, her designs and patterns have been used throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Orient.

Her 23 copyrighted patterns range from a 1608-1628 Ladies' day dress and Men's doublet, and a Revolutionary War uniform to a 1910 motoring duster.

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of "Gone With The Wind," Peggy created Scarlett O'Hara's famed Barbecue Party Dress, researched from the original garment in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art collection. Other designs include the Green Velveteen Portieres Dress, Bonnie's Blue Riding Habit, and the Burgundy Dress.

Exhibitions include:

  • The Carpenter Center "Gone With The Wind" celebration, Richmond, Virginia.
  • Gala 50th Anniversary, "Gone With The Wind," Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The Newnan-Coweta Historical Society, Newnan, Georgia - shared with Herb Bridges, who owns the largest collection of "Gone With The Wind" memorabilia in the world - two exhibitions.
  • Belle Meade Plantation Museum, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Revolutionary War Uniforms created for the living history program, National Park Service, Yorktown, Virginia.
  • Indentured Farmer and wife created for the living history program, National Park Service, Jamestown, Virginia.
  • Living history program, National Park Service, Bacon's Castle.
  • King George III of England and General Nathaniel Greene for the Augusta and Richmond County Museum, Augusta, Georgia.
  • The Road To Tara Museum, Jonesboro, Georgia.