Pegee of Williamsburg

Men's Coat 1776


Men's Coat 1776The CIVILIAN COAT of 1776 was used throughout Europe and the American Colonies. The purpose for which the coat is to be worn will determine the informality or formality of selection of fabric. Informal wear for everyday activities would have been made of cotton, linen, or wool.

The MILITARY COAT of the Period 1776 is one of varied designs. These pertain to the shape of the Collar, Lappel, Pocket Flap and button spacing.

Men's Coat 1776The Cuffs were added to the Civilian Coat to create the Military Coat, to keep the hands warm in cold weather.

The Lappel was added to the Civilian Coat to create the Military Coat. When worn open, it was buttoned down on each side. In cold weather, it could be unbuttoned, each lappel laid open across the chest and buttoned down, thus giving a double layer of warmth.